Industry 4.0

Smart technologies, smart data, smart machines: creating the future of manufacturing.

Towards globalization

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Demand driven supply chain 2.0

Can a better demand-driven supply chain positively impact the bottom line?

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Future-proof companies

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The fourth industrial revolution

Companies that don't adapt, won't survive. 

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Factory of the Future

What do you need to do to be sustainable in volatile, fast-moving and customer-driven markets?

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The disruptors are the disrupted

New technologies are changing the face of the technology industry.

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Man, machine, strategy

How technology will – and won’t – affect your business strategy. Strategize with D&A - don't just optimize

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The real deal: What will Industry 4.0 bring?

An interview with Professor Arjen van Witteloostuijn (Tilburg University)

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