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81% of CEOs are concerned their companies are not keeping up with new technologies. With technologies changing so rapidly, it is about more than just keeping up, new technologies need to be part of your full strategy.  

Start using Data & Analytics to strategize, not just optimize.

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What can you learn from your data? What does the data tell you about your clients and company? Discover everything we can help your company with on our service pages. 

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The only limit is your imagination

Data is everywhere. Michael Beal, CEO Microsoft, and Peter Van den Spiegel, Director KPMG, explain how to get the most out of data.

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KPMG named #1 in Data & Analytics

Forrester Research names KPMG as a leader

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The dawn of digital labor

Cognitive automation has come of age, and can transform your enterprise. Are you ready? 

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The robots have arrived. Are you ready?

Robots are invading the insurance industry. And CEOs are welcoming them in the door. But deeper concerns are starting to emerge.

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Finding clarity in data protection regulation

What the new data protection regulations mean for your business.

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Only 10% of organizations believe that they excel in quality of data, tools and methodologies. 28% of CIOs have had to respond to a major IT security threat or cyber attack in the past 2 years. Discover more insights in our latest publications.

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