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Flex Reward Plan

A flavor for every employee

Save time and simplify the process of offering your employees the flexibility of designing their own benefits packages. With a cafeteria plan, there is enough choice for every employee to find a package that suits their needs and lifestyle. Discover more.

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Reach your customers anywhere, anytime!

We help you realize your online ambitions. From A to Z. Our team of experts is ready to help you from start to finish on your e-commerce journey. We can help you make e-commerce easy.

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Physical Asset Management

A well-considered asset management framework enables asset intensive companies to strengthen the management of their physical assets and to increase their Return on Assets employed (ROAe). Discover how our Physical Asset Management offering can help your company.

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Don't look any further, we have the answers. We advise you with regard to all pension aspects.

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The Digital Train Moves at Top Speed

Interview with Alexander De Croo: Minister for Digitalization

The twenty-first century is undoubtedly the century of rapidly advancing digitization, often with unsuspected potential and opportunities. As Minister for digitization, Alexander De Croo has a busy portfolio, and helps point the way through what sometimes looks like a digital maze: "By 2020, 80% of jobs will be influenced in one way or another by digital technology."

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Kathleen Verhelst

a business woman in a man’s industry

“As an entrepreneur, my most important motto is: remain yourself, honest, and sincere”

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Cloud Accounting Solutions tool

"Automation gave us a personal adviser”

Leicon has grown over the years into the European reference for indoor playgrounds. To optimize their accounts system, managers Els and Jan Hosten opted in 2014 for the latest KPMG Cloud Accounting Solution.

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True Value methodology

the bridge between financial and societal value of a company

How can businesses take account of the impact of external and environmental factors on their future profitability? The international KPMG network developed a new methodology (‘True Value’) to bridge the gap between financial and societal value creation.

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KPMG study

Does crowdfunding have a future in Belgium?

A KPMG study shows that crowdfunding in Belgium rose by 80% in 2014 compared with 2013. Yet Belgium is still lagging behind. Does crowdfunding have a future in Belgium, or is it ‘too little too late’?

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Before passing on the family business, be prepared!

In many family businesses, the transfer to the next generation is a thorny issue. As a business owner, you have to make some important choices. Do I give the business to my children or sell it to them? Are they interested in carrying on the business? Or would it be better to sell it to a third party? In that case, who should I sell it to: an investor or a competitor? Whichever option you choose, you need to think ahead.

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From invoice to strategy

Karen Van Griesven, CFO of the year, about the changing role of the CFO

In 2014, for the first time, a woman was nominated CFO of the year by Trends/Tendances. Karen Van Griesven is the CFO of Melexis, based in Tessenderlo. She took some time out of her busy schedule managing her international finance team to answer a few questions about her role as a CFO, how it has evolved over the last twenty years and what she envisions for the future. Her perspectives demonstrate the fast evolving function of finance teams in the private sector.

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Confidence in a changing environment

Interview with Luc Coene about the Belgian Economy: Visions, Challenge, and Opportunities

Is the Belgian labor market really as expensive as claimed? Is it time for companies to invest? What is the future of Belgium’s industrial relations? Luc Coene, former Governor of the Belgian National Bank, offers his insights on these topics and more, and shares his experience on the challenges facing the Belgian economy and businesses.

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Trendwatcher roundtable

When 4 trendwatchers put their heads together, then the future is now.

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