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A flavor for every employee! Save time and simplify the process of offering your employees the flexibility of designing their own benefits packages. With flexible rewards, there is enough choice for every employee to find a package that suits their needs and lifestyle. Discover more. 

Flexible Reward Plan - Why KPMG?

Learn about the benefits of implementing a Flexible Reward Plan

Our Flexible Reward Plan offers you a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform that makes offering a “cafeteria plan” for compensation look easy. Take a look at all the benefits of working with our team to implement a Flexible Reward Plan.

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Our KPMG Flex Reward Tool

Simplify the process of letting your employees choose their benefits.

Our Flexible Reward Tool has been specifically designed to not only simplify the process for offering employees more compensation choices, but to also help reduce the administrative burden, and take into account all the tax and legal concerns.

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The Cafeteria Plan

Employee benefits of the future

With a flexible rewards plan, or cafeteria plan, a company is able to offer a more attractive and flexible salary package to its employees. Even better, these plans can be implemented without incurring any additional wage costs.

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